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Mission Statement

To Teach your mind, Train your body and Track your progress.

Using tried and tested sports science methods to unlock your inner athlete. It's knowing what to train, when to train and how to train in the best way possible to achieve your fitness goals!

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Here’s where you can catch Omar over the coming weeks:

KXU London
Location: Pavillion Road, London, SW1X 0BP
Circuit-based exercises performed in multiple rounds, with very little rest. It's survival of the fittest as you encounter the killer stop watch... every second counts!                                        Click here to book your spot

Matt Roberts Run Club
Location- Matt Roberts Mayfair Berkley Street
Take your running training to an exciting new level in 2017. Open to all abilities of fitness.
Click here to book your spot

Ministry Does Fitness
Location- Ministry Does Fitness, Arches 80-81, Newington Court, London, SE1 6DD
Showcase- Total body strength circuit using athletic compound movements. Great session for burning fat, building muscle and improving cardiovascular fitness.                              Click here to book your spot


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Our Belief System

Omar believes that regardless of age, experience or background everyone has the ability to train like an athlete. Working with a range of clients from members of royalty to celebrities he is able to tailor his clients training plan to suit their individual needs.

Training as an 800m athlete he brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to his role. He is able to educate his clients about the benefits of improving nutrition, sleep patterns, mindset and lifestyle choices. Training hard is just one aspect of health and fitness, a complete approach is needed to maximize a clients results. Therefore it is his job to monitor everything that can affect how someone can train. With this attention to detail it is of no surprise he is such a success at what he does.

Based out of the most exclusive one-to-one training facility in Mayfair, Omar is one of the leading trainers and coaches in London. He incorporates his athletic background to ensure that his sessions are both exciting and effective. He designs intelligent training plans, which focus on using multiple muscle groups when exercising to achieve the best results. So regardless of whether you are new to the fitness world, an international athlete or a rising star, Omar will take your body to the next level.