In the time I’ve been training with Omar, I’ve definitely become the strongest I’ve ever been. The challenge was to make me stronger without bulking up and this is exactly what he achieved. Over the course of a few months, he got me lifting weights I never thought possible and I’m now leaner than I have been in years. I love the training sessions and even Omar’s banter is entertaining!

As a keen runner, Omar’s tips and advice on marathon training and nutrition have helped me up my game and improve my fitness, as well as my strength… all of which have been greatly appreciated.

Jenni Falconer, TV Presenter, Heart Radio Presenter

When I met Omar, I could not walk on the treadmill without becoming out of breath and my heart rate soaring to 170 bpm. Within 6 months he had me running 5km in under 28 minutes and lifting weights that I never thought I could be able to lift. I lost 15kg in total and improved my fitness levels massively. He taught me that health and fitness is a lifestyle change. I now feel that I have the knowledge to stay fit regardless of what life throws at me.

Arthur Minoukue , International Masters Graduate

Omar helped me lose 10% body fat and gain over 8kg in muscle. Something that by myself, would seem impossible! I have managed to keep off the excess fat and sustain my lean muscle mass. I feel fantastic and ready for the next challenge!

Adib Ghawi, Business Owner


'When you aim for perfection, you discover it's a moving target. We learn, we practice, we review and then we repeat' – Omar