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About Omar

After obtaining a Sports Science degree in 2012, Omar qualified as a Personal Trainer and UKA Running Coach. He has trained under Great Britain Coaches where he has developed his skills further both as an athlete and a coach. Today, he still competes at a club level, racing middle-long distance events.

At present, you can find Omar working out of some of the most exclusive gyms in London, attracting high profile clients and offering first class facilities. He brings a flavour of his athletic background to all of his clients regardless of their level of fitness to maximize their training results. Over the years, Omar has trained Royalty, Celebrities, Athletes and a range of many more clients who aspire to be the best version of themselves. Alongside his personal training, you will find Omar keeping busy as the co-creator of Track Life LDN, hosting weekly group sessions throughout London.


My Principles

“I believe that everyone has an inner athlete waiting to be unlocked! My job is to show you exactly how to do this. Health and fitness is more than just what you see on the outside, it is about creating the perfect balance between the mind, body and spirit. Your training goals start in your mind, your body carries out the physical training and your spirit keeps you going! When you can master this, something incredible begins to happen. THIS is you unlocking your inner athlete” - Omar.